Paul van der laan
Paul van der Laan
3D Environment Artist

About Me

I always had a great passion for games. Since I was a young child I played on my dad's 386. Nowadays I mainly play pc games like GTA series, COD MW2 and starcraft 2. I started doing 3d in the summer of 2006. I began with following tutorials from the web and making simple scenes in 3ds Max. In 2008 I joined my first UT3 modteam and from februari 2009 till november 2010 I was on the the Warm Gun as an environment artist.

Currently I work at Window Dressing where I make 3D visualisations using V-Ray.

Work experience

Team6 Games - 3D artist
September 2011

Warm Gun (UDK) - 3D Artist
Februari 2009 - November 2010

Tactical Assault (UDK) - 3D artist
May 2008 - Februari 2009


3ds Max
Zbrush (basic)
UDK (basic level design + material editor)
Unity (basic java scripting)
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